The playlist: Where Y'acht's end of summer endless summer


Where Y'acht. - JOSH BRASTED
  • Where Y'acht.

New Orleans is home to the "greatest yacht rock band in the world," a band with such exceptional, specific and detailed knowledge of absolute cheese that it's able to perfectly perform every single note of it. Helping us say bon voyage to the summer, Where Y'acht shares 10 songs to pleat your white khakis to, just one last time. The band closes out the season at 9 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 17 at One Eyed Jacks.

"We put together a playlist of smooth tunes that capture the essence of summer," says Andy Plovnick, "the mix of nostalgia and anticipation that sets in vacations wind down, children return to school, and a new football season begins."

Below, drummer and yacht rock encyclopedist Eric Rogers with the song-by-song breakdown. The band recommends you do not shuffle this playlist.

Ambrosia — "Biggest Part of Me"
"The quintessential smooth song we don't play. As soon as that first hit comes in... it reeks of smooth."

Wings — "With a Little Luck"
"Paul McCartney, getting smooth, showing his smooth side. One of his risks that kind of worked."

Donald Fagen — "I.G.Y"
"We're all about being progressive."

Paul Davis — "Cool Night"
"Another lost, golden smooth hit. We're all looking forward to a cool night in New Orleans... winter is coming."

Steely Dan — "My Old School"
"And school is starting."

The Isley Brothers — "Summer Breeze"
"So there's two famous versions — the Seals and Croft version and the Isley Brothers version. Up until the guitar part comes in, this is the jam. The way he says 'fiiiine' makes me melt."

Christopher Cross — "Sailing"
"Another quintessential smooth song."

Robbie Dupree — "Steal Away"
"He blatantly rips off 'What a Fool Believes' by the Doobie Brothers. At the end, the "why don't you steal away," he's doing his best M. Mac impression... that's what we call Michael McDonald."

Nicole Larson — "Lotta Love"
"We forget how many female lead smooth singers there are. This is one of our favorites."

Bee Gees — "Spirits (Having Flown)"
"We wanted to show the smooth side of the Bee Gees."

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