Out now: 3D Na'Tee returns with The Regime


New Orleans rapper 3D Na'Tee teased her full-length album The Regime back in 2013 following her acclaimed mixtape The Coronation, paving the way for her impressive, confident balance of powerful poetry and aggressive, bullseye lyricism.

Since then, Na'Tee joined the rookie roster for Russell Simmons and Steve Rifkind's All Def Digital, turned heads with guest spots alongside heavyweight rap artists and slowly snowballed buzz among rap head circles. This month, Na'Tee finally premiered her full-length The Regime — a dense, nearly double album — to literally reclaim her throne. She boldly tongue twists her credentials and earns her boasts with thousand-word mic drops on opening blasts "The Return," "Still," "No Luck" and "John from Tennessee." On "Maria," Na'Tee unleashes her secret storytelling weapon — and this is just 15 minutes into a nearly 90-minute opus.

Watch the video for album opener "The Return" below:

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