3:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. SUNDAY, JUNE 26

Theme: You Can't Brag on Nothing You Don't Make

(route details after the jump)

Start: 4622 Loyola St. Make a right at Valence St. Continue on Valence to Magnolia St. Down Magnolia to Napoleon Ave. Left on Napoleon. Down Napoleon to S. Galvez. Right on Galvez. Down S. Galvez to Toledano St. Left on Toledano. Down Toledano to S. Miro St. Right on Miro. Continue on Miro to Washington Ave. Right on Washington. Down Washington Ave.

Stop: 3501 Washington Ave., "Events Vystarz" to pick up Lady Swingers. Down Washington Ave. to Saratoga.

Stop: Purple Rain. Proceed on Washington to Dryades. Left on Dryades. Continue on Dryades to Second St.

Stop: Sportsman's Lounge - Toast the Queen. Take Second St. to First St. Right on First St. to Baronne St. Right on Baronne. Continue on Baronne to Washington Ave.

Stop: Verrets Lounge. Proceed down Baronne to Sixth St. Right on Sixth St. Down Sixth to Magnolia St. Left on Magnolia. Down Magnolia.

Disband: "Buck's House," 3454 Magnolia St.

Queen 2016: Mrs. RaRa

King 2016: (Surprise)

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