James Carville discusses Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah



New Orleans-based political analyst James Carville appeared on last night's The Daily Show With Trevor Noah to discuss the presidential election. Wearing a gold fleur-de-lis pin on his lapel, Carville addressed Donald Trump's dominance in the Republican race, and the feeling among some that Trump is a juggernaut. "I think there's a sense he's getting away with this," Carville told Noah. "I don't think he is, and I don't think he will." 

Noah was more skeptical. "I don't share your optimism," he told Carville. 

Carville also said he expected Hillary Clinton's numbers to rise as the general election approaches, as well as a unification of the Democratic Party around Clinton as the candidate. "All you have to do with Trump is, you don't have to make anything up, you just have to put him in his own words," Carville said. "And I think they're doing that."


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