City provides sinkhole driving map for motorists; translation requested


By now you know there's a sinkhole regular old hole in the middle of Canal Street right between The Shops at Canal Place and Harrah's New Orleans — an abyss that's going to take 3 to 6 months to repair, according to city officials.

Since this may be a traffic factor until, oh, Halloween, the city has issued the following map to help you get around downtown:

We have some questions. Let's break this down.

1. Canal Street closed at impact area (black dot) — OK, that's clear enough. "Impact area" = "big hole in the ground." We all get that.

2. Convention Center Blvd. (Poydras-Canal) CLOSED — Still with you here. (But make a note of this for later.)

3. Riverbound traffic on Canal St. must turn right onto Tchoupitoulas St. — Since the map is color-coded, one supposes there might be a green line somewhere. There's not. Nor is Tchoupitoulas Street labeled. Longtime New Orleans residents (those of us who have been here since, say, summer 2014) will recognize Tchoup as the unmarked street between Magazine Street and S. Peters St. But there's an arrow showing ... what? Drive the wrong way down Tchoup and make a right on Canal? 

4. Canal St. riverbound traffic reduced to one lane, vehicles must turn right at Convention Center Blvd. — But you just said riverbound traffic on Canal had turn on Tchoup, yes (see 3)? Convention Center Boulevard is closed (see 2). And why is there another arrow directing traffic the wrong way again into Badine Street (the blue arrow)?

5. Badine St. E. (Iberville-Canal) now one-way only — OK. (BTW, Badine Street is that weird curve behind Canal Place that you take when you're driving out of the movies. You learn something new every day.)

6. Badin [sic] St. W. (Iberville-Canal) diverts through parking lot, must make right on Canal St. — So "Badin" St. W. is going the same way as Badine St. E., coming out on Canal Street? Then why is there another arrow showing drivers to turn off Canal Street?

Or you could just wait until Halloween to go downtown.

UPDATE: Today the city issued this map, which makes things a bit more clear:


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