A "Galentine's Day" punch recipe



Did you forget to buy your loved one a gift? Are you trying to use up a bunch of sparkling wine left over from Mardi Gras? Want to spend Galentine's* Day getting drunk with your friends? Any of these are good excuses to whip up some Preston Punch, a Champagne-based cocktail made with orange-flavored Creole rum.

"Punches like this one are great for big gatherings," says Richard Ellis, director of wine and spirits at Brady's Wine Warehouse, where the recipe was invented. "A couple of bottles of wine and booze and you’ve got a great recipe that people can self-serve, leaving you free to enjoy the evening and your guests.”

Make sure you invite a lot of guests, because this recipe serves 20.

Preston Punch 
2.5 cups Meyer lemon juice
1 bottle sparkling wine (we use Monmousseau, Brut Etoile, Loire Valley, NV)
1/2 bottle Lillet Blanc
1 liter soda water
1 1/4 cups sugar
1/2 cup canned crushed pineapple
1.5 oz. Clement Creole Shrubb liqueur
Sliced strawberries floated to taste

Strained crushed pineapple. Chill ingredients and combine in a punch bowl. Use one large block of ice in the bowl rather than individual ice cubes in each glass. 

*Galentine's Day apparently is this thing where you celebrate your female friendships on Feb. 13, which seems dumb to me, because why not just do that on Valentine's Day? Isn't the whole point to override that whole forced display of inadequacy and/or obligation?

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