Watch: Aziz Ansari as Bobby Jindal on The Tonight Show


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Actor and comedian Aziz Ansari joked about wanting to play Gov. Bobby Jindal on Saturday Night Live last month: "Wish there was an Indian candidate I could play, but I'm polling higher than that ding dong." Ansari stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night to debut his impression.

Ansari (appearing on the show to promote his new Netflix series Master of None) stepped into character for a brief interview during the monologue. He puckered his face with a forced smile and slightly dead eyes then streeeetched out those vowels to nail Jindal's cadence, particularly as he explains why photosynthesis isn't real. ("I'm the only candidate that doesn't believe in any science, period.")

"I'm used to appearing on C-SPAN at like 2 a.m. right before they start airing those NutriBullet infomercials, so this is crazy."

Jindal, squeaking into 2 percent, debuted his new campaign slogan: "Taste The Fat," as in, 2 percent milk fat. And the campaign is just heating up for Jindal, despite Fallon saying his campaign stops have had "small turnouts."

"If you call packing a Long John Silver's to the brim a 'small turnout,' then yeah, we've had some 'small turnouts.'"
Obviously Jindal chimed in with a joke of his own, which you should definitely do at a comedian when you certainly are not one. 


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