Out now: new albums from New Orleans rock bands Woozy and Little Maker


Woozy's Blistered is out now on Exploding In Sound and Community Records. - BENJAMIN DAVIS
  • Woozy's Blistered is out now on Exploding In Sound and Community Records.

On "Venom," the first single and album opener from New Orleans trio Woozy on Blistered, the band lays the groundwork for what follows on its full-length debut album out now on Exploding in Sound and Community Records: Guitarists and vocalists John St. Cyr and Kara Stafford push and pull riffs from burned-out monsters to loose and bright, often playful guitar duets with falsetto harmonies, while drummer Ian Paine-Jesam trickles snare hits before going full thunder. The band's dynamic shifts don't come in fierce bursts but in slow-rolling bummer waves, washing over an exciting, encompassing album that makes the most of their unique chemistry.

Distorted, low-end riffs push "Painted White" and "Old Growth" into fuzzy '90s college rock, quickly yanked back into dreamier falsettos and hazy, bright guitars. Album closer "Fade Like a Sigh" is almost literal,  from a shoegazing wall of sound to a spiraling xylophone riff and a near-jazz drumroll. It's an appropriate bow coming down from an album spanning solar highs and brutal, beautiful lows. 

The band is on a U.S. tour through November. You can stream the album via Impose Magazine and Community Records below.

New Orleans singer-songwriter Micah McKee is a workhorse kind of performer. He's been a writer and bandleader for several bands for more than a decade, from the New Orleans-soaked, brassy folk of Silent Cinema to Empress Hotel's colorful pop to his current outfit, Little Maker. He's honed chops on stages across town but has come into his own as a songwriter in weekly Sunday evening sessions he holds at Circle Bar. McKee steers the band's folk, rock and baroque elements, Beatle-esque pop and alt-country with his identifiable rasps and roars.

Little Maker releases The Salty Seas We Used to Know, the band's second album following 2013's Patrons of the Saint, with an album release party at 10 p.m. Oct. 16 at Sidney's Saloon (1200 St. Bernard Ave.). Felix and The Kid Carsons open. The album is $5 with a book donation (science fiction and fantasy requested) to Books 2 Prisoners.

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