Brewsday Tuesday: Tin Roof's new Gameday session IPA


Tin Roof Brewing's Tom and Alex Daigrepont
  • Tin Roof Brewing's Tom and Alex Daigrepont

Tin Roof Brewing Company (1624 Wyoming St., Baton Rouge, 225-377-7022) releases its fall seasonal, Gameday session IPA —  a hoppy beer under 5 percent alcohol by volume — this week. Although Great Raft Brewing and Courtyard Brewery have offered versions of the low alcohol beer on tap, this will be the first Louisiana-brewed session IPA to be packaged and sold in wide distribution.

The duo behind the beer is father and son team Tom and Alex Daigrepont. Tom is Tin Roof’s brewmaster and his son Alex is the head brewer.

“They like and brew very different beers," says Tin Roof co-founder William McGeehee. "Sometimes they’ll collaborate on something, but other times it’s like we’re either doing it Tom’s way or we’re doing it Alex’s way.”

Tom says that Gameday is an example of their collaborative process. “We knew we wanted to make a session IPA. So we make test batches, and maybe I have an idea how to improve it, maybe he has an idea how to improve it.”

Alex assisted his father with homebrewing and at Tom’s old brewery, Bon Temps Brewing Company, since he was a kid. “[I was] mainly helping him out with whatever he was doing,” Alex says. “Tasting whatever he made. Every time we went on vacation, we would go to brewpubs and we would go to breweries.”

Tom adds, “I always tried to plan a vacation within an hour’s drive of a brewery or brewpub, where we can sit and enjoy beer as a family. Craft beer was always part of our lifestyle.”

McGeehee says, “I would say that it definitely reminds me of a family vibe. You can see a lot of joy in Tom seeing his son doing what he loves to do — what he’s been doing since he learned from Tom. You also see an intensity you don’t necessarily see in a non-familial workplace relationship.”

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