What you need to know about Gov. Bobby Jindal's announcement today


The official "Geaux Bobby" koozie.
  • The official "Geaux Bobby" koozie.

Is Gov. Bobby Jindal going to announce he's running for president today?

Come on. There's even a koozie. And here's the official announcement.

Where will the event be held?

Pontchartrain Center in Kenner. 

Will there be protests?

A Facebook group has been organized for those who wish to protest. As of this morning it had 3,639 members, but no telling how many will show up. They'll gather on the levee across from Pontchartrain Center at 3:30 p.m., and organizers say they've coordinated with the Kenner Police Department.

Are there hashtags?

Need you ask? The campaign has designated #GeauxBobby (see koozie), while the protestors have colonized #NeauxBobby.

Will Gambit be covering?

We'll be livetweeting from inside Pontchartrain Center, as well as from any protests, at @The_Gambit and at our special event tweet stream @The_GambitLIVE.

Can I watch it on TV or online?

Fox News will carry the announcement live, as will C-SPAN3. As of last night, the Jindal campaign was unsure whether CNN would carry it as well.

Who's on the program?

Organizers promise a brief event of 45 minutes or so, including an opening prayer, a speech by Supriya Jindal and an address by Bobby Jindal. The main event gets going around 4:30 p.m.

What are people saying today about a Jindal candidacy?

POLITICO: "The Stupid Party's Candidate"
To this point, however, Jindal has not been able to stake out positions that distinguish him among the many GOP aspirants, or proven himself to be the best salesman for widely-shared ideas.

As he officially seeks to break into the presidential league, there’s not much reason to expect that Jindal will end up justifying the kind of hope and hype that marked his early career.

TIME: "Bobby Jindal's Uphill Battle"
“Why has he not caught fire? He is not a candidate yet,” says a Jindal adviser. “When he gets into this race he will be the least-known candidate. He has only room to grow.”

“He’s been underestimated before,” the adviser adds, “and every time he’s won and he’s crushed the opposition.”

At the very least, he has nowhere to go but up.
GOVERNING: "How Bobby Jindal, a Rising Star, Plummeted Back to Earth"

Jindal was elected with nearly two-thirds of the vote in 2011, but since then he's managed to make a lot of people unhappy.

"Particularly in his second term, he's come under fire, constantly, from people who feel like he's shortchanged the state in terms of his attention, that he's more interested in running for president than running for governor," [George Cross, a political scientist at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette] said. "He's really burned those bridges in a short amount of time."

THE HAYRIDE: "Jindal Launches His Bid For Energy Secretary Today…"

To get elected president, you can’t have a string of political failures as a governor on your record. Jindal does, and worse that string didn’t come at the beginning of his governorship but rather toward the end. That’s why he’s running despite an approval rating in Louisiana of some 31 percent and polling indicating he actually loses, 44.5-42, against Hillary Clinton in his own state.

So today’s campaign rollout isn’t likely to generate much buzz or put Jindal in the top 10-12 candidates in a hopelessly packed Republican field. A more realistic hope is that Louisiana’s current governor might generate just enough support that, if he were able to ally himself with the eventual nominee, he’ll have created enough political stroke to rate a cabinet post dealing with issues he has expertise in. Jindal could be valuable working at Energy or HHS, or even Education – though one would hope if that was his post he’d be in charge of packing the department up, shifting its responsibilities to the states and shutting it down.

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