Bobby Jindal tell his kids he's running for president — on what appears to be hidden video


Candid camera in the Jindal family backyard.
  • Candid camera in the Jindal family backyard.

Gov. Bobby Jindal announced his presidential campaign today with a video — not the usual sort of policy or campaign video, but what appears to be hidden camera footage of Jindal and his wife Supriya telling their children about the decision.

The footage, which seems to have been shot with a camera secreted in a tree in the Jindals' backyard, appears to show the Jindal parents breaking the news to Slade, 8; Shaan, 11; and Selia, 13, extracting a promise from them that they won't tell their friends yet.

About 54 seconds in to the video, Jindal asks one of his sons, "So was it a surprise? ... Oh, you pretty much figured it out."

"Maybe if you behave, you'll get a chance to go back to Iowa," Jindal adds. The kids seem to like Iowa.

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