Brewsday Tuesday: Beer — and tacos — at Courtyard Brewery June 21



“Everyone thinks that New Orleans just grinds to a halt in the summer,” Courtyard Brewery co-owner and head brewer Scott Wood says. “We figured we’d throw a party instead.”

The party will be a beer, taco and music-infused affair June 21, starting at noon and going till the tacos run out.

The genesis of Courtyard Brewery’s Taco Night came from multiple conversations about tacos between San Diego native Wood and Araña Taqueria y Cantina chef (and Courtyard regular) Richard Papier. “We just talked a lot about what kind of tacos we like,” Wood says, “and then one day we said that we should do some tacos at the brewery some night.”

“I’ve been visiting Courtyard since its opening and really appreciate Scott’s passion for craft beer,” Papier says. “After sharing my love for Mexican cuisine, it didn’t take us long to realize that our skills combined would be a perfect pair. Planning a celebration to highlight our flavors just made sense.”

Immediately, Taceaux Loceaux food truck operator Alex Del Castillo, who serves up his street tacos at Courtyard every Wednesday, said he wanted to participate. Another one of Courtyard regular food trucks, Saigon Slim’s, asked to join in as well, and is planning to bring a Vietnamese or Korean take on the taco.

Wood says that Papier will be serving traditional tacos and Del Castillo will have his street tacos on hand.

For beer, Wood says that he will have four or five beers on tap created especially to complement the tacos, along with guest taps. There will be live music (still to be finalized) playing from noon until 6pm.

“I’m sure the chefs will be competing against each other, because, you know, they’re chefs,” Wood laughs. “All I know is that I’m gonna eat some tacos and drink some beer and have a real nice day.”

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