‘Temperature Lunch’ menu returns to Palace Cafe May 25



Dickie Brennan’s Palace Cafe (605 Canal St., 504-523-1661) rolls out its annual Temperature Lunch special beginning May 25, just in time for scorching summer days.

The lunchtime tradition, now in its 21st year, offers guests a two-course menu, the cost of which is based on the heat index from the day before (an 85-degree Monday means the special is $8.50 on Tuesday).

Guests can choose either duck and alligator gumbo or a Werlein salad to start and entree choices change daily. Past dishes on the menu have included seared crawfish cakes and Gulf fish jerk tacos, among others.

The deal is available through Labor Day for lunch on weekdays (11:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.).

For more information, visit the restaurant’s website.

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