Jazz Fest fashion recap


There's an art to dressing well for Jazz Fest. Conditions range from wet and muddy to baking hot — sometimes all in the same day. Add miles of walking and toting essentials like sunscreen, cameras, sunglasses and water bottles to the mix, and you've got a serious wardrobe logistics challenge. Savvy Festers strike the perfect note between personal style and tactical Fest gear. Here are a few who nailed the art of dressing for the occasion.

The first weekend was rainy and muddy. You can tell it's not these girls' first rodeo by their rubber boots and rain coats. They're all New Orleanians, so they've probably been festing since they were old enough to fit in a baby sling.

I loved this woman's shrimp boots and the way her white raincoat matched her hair. Most of all, I loved her effusive spirit. A Lafayette native, she was rocking out to Givers.
More shrimp boots! Jewelry designer Niki Fisk paired hers with a slip dress and a necklace of her own design.

This is violinist extraordinaire Rebecca Crenshaw, about to take the stage with Little Maker. Boots are de rigueur on rainy days.

Weekend two was sunny and bright, just like this family with matching lace dresses. Bright dresses and flat sandals are my Jazz Fest staple, too.
This woman's pink topknot is a stroke of genius, especially paired with a turquoise maxi dress. She's keeping her hair coolly off her neck and looking great doing it.
This dude looks straight out of The Sartorialist. He runs an AirBnB in Morocco and divides his time between there and New Orleans. His breezy harem pants are a stylish alternative to cargo shorts. 
Beer, fans, sandals and sunglasses...these girls are doing it right.
Backpacks are a good way to tote the essentials and keep your hands free for waving in the air like you just don't care. I love how this woman mixed her patterns: the striped backpack really complements her bold skirt. 
I am pretty sure these girls are either fashion blogging or hanging out backstage at Coachella when they aren't at Jazz Fest. Their amazing hair and cute hats are the only accessories they need.

Next year’s Jazz Fest is April 22 – May 1, 2016...so it's not too soon to start planning outfits.

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