Tonight: New Orleans punks Adults release This Is Our Year


In the wastelands, sandpits, graveyards and scrap heaps of New Orleans' short-lived (and even long-lasting, comparatively) punk rock bands, the bits and pieces always pull themselves together, Transformers-style, and turn older things new, grow better and stronger, and make some great music — however short-term that may be — only to do it again, and again. Adults is one of those bands.

On its first album (and first release on new local label Hurry Up and Wait), the five-year-old pop-punk trio blasts through two-minute odes to broken relationships and corroded city life (and a sped-up cover of Archers of Loaf's "Web in Front").

The band celebrates This Is Our Year with a record release show at 9 p.m. tonight, Friday, April 17 at Saturn Bar (3067 St. Claude Ave.) Also on the bill are Portland's Divers, We Need to Talk and Secret Passage. Admission $5.

You can stream the album here and listen to album closer and mission statement "Anyone Thinks" below.

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