Out now: New Orleans rock trio Bantam Foxes hit back with Give Us a Raise


Twin brothers Sam and Collin McCabe and drummer Jared Marcell released their Bantam Foxes debut, Triumph, in 2013. The band's first full-length effort glimpsed the high-volume garage rock 'n' roll ahead. With its latest, the focused four-track EP Give Us a Raise, Bantam Foxes admits it's best listened to with the volume all the way up.

The band stacks layers of overdriven, fuzz-covered glam rock guitar and bass riffs over Marcell's one-man army of drums. There's dark, grooving '90s alt-rock (a la Breeders and Toadies) on "Trapped" and pummeling, Sabbath-inspired guitar runs on "Never."

The band's next New Orleans dates include two shows on May 16: at Bayou Boogaloo by day and Gasa Gasa by night. Listen to "Without Me" below, and stream the EP here.

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