SUNDAY, APRIL 5, 2015 1 P.M.-5 P.M.

(route details below)

Start: Avery's Place, 8800 Willow St. Continue on Willow to Monroe St. Left on Monroe to Birch St.
Stop: Sista Sista Lounge (To Pick Up the Ladies). Continue on Birch to Leondias. Right on Leondias to Oak St. Left on Oak to Dante St.
Stop: Maple Leaf. Continue on Oak to Carrollton Avenue. Left on Carrollton Ave. to Birch St. Right on Birch to Adams St. Left on Adams.
Stop: Graveyard (Pause for a Worthy Cause). Continue down Hickory to Broadway St. Left on Broadway to Broad Place. Continue on Broad Place to Pine St. Right on Pine to Colapissa St. Right on Colapissa to Broadway St. Right on Broadway to Fig St.
Stop: Broadway Bar (Toast to the Queen & King). Continue down Fig to Walmsley St. Right on Walmsley to Carrollton Ave. Left on Carrollton to Apple St. Right on Apple to Monroe St.
Stop: E&C Lounge. Continue down Monroe to Nelson St. Right on Nelson to Carrollton Ave. Right on Carrollton to Spruce. Right on Spruce to Joliet St.
Stop: Blue Flame Lounge. Continue down Spruce to Leondias. Left on Leondias to Willow St. Right on Willow to Gen. Ogden.
Disband: Avery's Place
2015 Queen: Danielle Johnson
2015 King: Bernard L. Brown
TBC Brass Band & Da Truth Brass Band

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