Fall in love, dungeon master style


Tubby and Coo's Mid-City Bookshop - JEANIE RIESS
  • Tubby and Coo's Mid-City Bookshop

Finding love is a difficult enterprise, and for those tired of tossing the polyhedral die on a shot at romance, Tubby and Coo's Mid-City Bookshop is making match-making easier than ever...for nerds. 

This Friday, the bookstore hosts Dungeons and Dating, organized by Nerd Love NOLA, an offshoot of the female-oriented nerd culture website She-Geeks (recent posts include "Is there really room for self love in cosplay?"). According to a press release, the mixer will provide ample opportunity to find your "Player 2." It's for Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts and lovers of nerdom of all kind (though you do need to be 18 or older to attend). 

Dungeons and Dating costs $10, and you can register online or show up at the door. The event kicks off with a nerd trivia ice breaker at 7 p.m. There will be coffee provided by Monkey Monkey Coffee and Tea and cupcakes from IzzyBelly Cakes. 

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