Our annual Countdown to Endymion on Orleans Avenue


Hail Endymion, bearer of bead-trees.
  • Hail Endymion, bearer of bead-trees.

Orleans Avenue/Canal Street neutral ground report, Monday, Feb. 9:

Spray paint: check
Netting around front lawns: not yet
Trash cans blocking off parking: not yet
Stakes, tape and string: not yet
Port-o-lets: not yet
Tents 'n' chairs 'n' stuff: not yet
People: not yet
Furniture: not yet
Sketchy carny-style food trucks selling funnel cakes: not yet

Mid-City, prepare yourself. The neighbors are getting ready to move in and they've picked out their spots:


This prime piece of tree-shaded real estate on Orleans Avenue between N. Alexander and N. Hennessy has been spoken for.


Krewe of Chad, meet your new friend BOB.


This is about one-quarter of the whole block. That's a lot of space.

Will furniture arrive soon? Port-a-potties? Actual people? Come back tomorrow and find out.

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