Abita Brewing just handed Budweiser an advertisement smackdown



During the Super Bowl, beer behemoth Budweiser released this ad in which it proudly proclaimed itself a "macro beer" that's "brewed for drinking" and not for "dissecting." This is clearly a shot at the craft beer movement that has exploded across the country and has dented the pockets of Budweiser - owned by Belgian beverage conglomerate InBev.

Louisiana's own Abita Brewing quickly shot back with its own ad:

The ad is direct and incisive, mocking Budweiser's "dog and pony show" and its non-American ownership, as well as saying "Yeah, we made a pumpkin peach beer and it was good. Damn good." Several other members of the American craft beer movement also joined in mocking Budweiser's ad, including Oregon's Ninkasi Brewing

On its face, this is just a bunch of public sniping between a beer behemoth and several micro brews. But Budweiser took to twitter and the press to walk back its commercial, saying it isn't against micro-brews, it's just promoting its own brand.
Advantage: Abita Brewing.

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