Wakin' Bakin' opens nighttime spot inside The Holy Ground



Wakin' Bakin' (4408 Banks St.) has evolved into one of Mid City's reliable breakfast spots, slinging some of the best early morning and brunch time snacks in the neighborhood.

The Wakin' Bakin' team is tackling nighttime cuisine as well with its new residency inside The Holy Ground. Deemed Mother Mary's, the Wakin' Bakin' kitchen is serving pub food and sandwiches beginning at 5 p.m., six nights a week.

The menu ranges from shepherd's pie-stuffed bell peppers to Scotch eggs, red bean hummus and fish and chips. Most menu items hover around the $7 mark. The full menu is below.


WHAT: Mother Mary's
WHERE: 3340 Canal St. (inside The Holy Ground)
WHEN: 5 p.m. until closing Thursday to Tuesday

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