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The Krewe du Vieux title float of 2009. - CREATIVE COMMONS/INFROGMATION
  • The Krewe du Vieux title float of 2009.

Krewe du Vieux, one of Carnival's most gloriously messy processions, makes its annual satirical roll Sat. Jan. 30 through the streets of the Faubourg Marigny, the French Quarter and — surprise — the CBD, where the krewe's ball, Krewe du VIeux Doo, will be held at the Civic Theatre. It's hard to top KdV when it comes to R (and X)-rated satire, so it's best to leave the kids at home unless you want to provide some detailed explanations for what they'll see on the floats.

Of course, you can't get all the satire as it rolls past, so the krewe provides an annual newsletter, "Le Monde de Merde," which explains all the various themes of the KdV sub-krewes. This year's overall theme is "Krewe du Vieux Begs For Change," and it's being interpreted in some creative ways like "Underwear Bulldozes For Change" (Krewe of Underwear), "Comatose Presents Fifty States of Gay" (Krewe of Comatose) and "Krewe of Spermes Launches Dickstarter Campaign."

Before you head out to the route, you can download your own copy of "Le Monde de Merde" here.

Happy Carnival.

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