Watch: Drew Brees was charming and funny on Conan last night


We give Drew Brees a hard time for being a walking billboard so it's easy to forget that the reason he's such an good corporate spokesman is because of his affable personality. Last night on Conan, the Brees charm was in full effect as he discussed a range of topics including "deflategate," people who thank him for his fantasy football performances and his love for New Orleans.

In this first segment, Brees talks to Conan O'Brien about the ball deflation scandal that has plagued the New England Patriots since they won the AFC Championship game. O'Brien hands Brees a few balls for the Saints quarterback to try and guess if they are properly inflated. The real fun starts when Brees asks if he can throw a ball into the crowd (watch out for the lights, Drew!)

The next segment deals with Brees' popularity as a quarterback in fantasy football. Conan shares a few funny fantasy football names that employ excellent wordplay and Brees discusses what it's like living in a city where he's equally idolized for winning the (actual, in real life) Super Bowl and winning multiple (fake, not real life) fantasy football championships.

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