Here's your list of Carnival transit changes


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There's no such thing as two weeks of giant street parties without some necessary transit interruptions, so the Regional Transit Authority  (RTA) has put out a list of alternate routes, detours and schedule changes to get you going places on-time. 

From February 12-14, shuttle buses will replaces the Canal Street and Loyola Avenue streetcar lines. In general, streetcars will run up to two hours before and after parades, but check the link for a more detailed breakdown of time changes. 

On Mardi Gras day, bus services will follow their Saturday schedules. All Uptown parades for the carnival season will detour bus lines, and that includes boarding, so check the link to see where you need to go to catch your bus. On Saturday, Feb. 14, Endymion will disrupt Mid-City bus and streetcar lines, and this Saturday Krewe Du Vieux will throw downtown out of whack (and then we'll do it all over again next weekend). Here's a cheat-sheet for quick reference:



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