Red Schtick: Forget about 'no-go zones'; Jindal's on to 'no-bro zones'


The satirical Baton Rouge website The Red Schtick has been on a bit of a roll lately — a roll over Gov. Bobby Jindal, with stories like "Last Known Jindal Supporter Throws in the Towel" and "10 Other Nonexistent Things Bobby Jindal Decries."

This one, however, literally made me laugh out loud:

There are portions of American cities where insufferable, Axe-Body-Spray-laden douchebags are not welcome, according to Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

The Republican railed against the existence of these so-called “no-bro zones” Thursday, claiming local government and law enforcement agencies have ceded control to roving bands of relatively tasteful citizens who shun devotees of the douchebag lifestyle.

“Right now in the United States, including here in Louisiana, there are entire neighborhoods where it’s not safe for preening young men who brag about their imported cars but only drink cheap domestic beer,” Jindal said. “That’s because the authorities in those areas have given up control to radical enforcers of decency.”
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