Watch Anthony Davis reject shots from little kids and reminisce about his favorite toys



Here's something to put you in the holiday spirit: Anthony Davis absolutely destroying a bunch of little kids on a toy basketball hoop. 

OK, the more touching moment is Davis buying presents for the kids, but him playing basketball with the kids is definitely the funniest part. The video comes via Bleacher Report, which interviewed Davis while he and fellow Pelicans' teammates purchased toys for the team's annual toy drive. In the video, Davis reminisces about his favorite toys as a kid (Power Rangers and the aforementioned hoop) and comments on how he's still just a big kid. The video is fun, endearing and festive. Or basically the opposite of the Saints' season. 

Also, it's a reminder that Davis is just 21 years old and it's gonna be a lot of fun seeing this big kid grow up (just another reason to jump on the Pelicans' bandwagon).

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