Get over the Saints season by jumping on the Pelicans bandwagon



So Who Dat Nation is a big bundle of sadness for Christmas but this dumpster fire of a season only lasted as long as it did because the NFC South was somehow even worse. But fear not sports fans: Anthony Davis and the Pelicans are here to relieve your sorrow!

In case you missed it Sunday night, Davis went off on the Oklahoma City Thunder and straight dominated. His 38 points and 12 rebounds were astonishing enough but his stat line was made even more impressive by how easy Davis made it all look. Check out the video highlighting all of Davis' points against the Thunder and marvel at how clinical he was. Seriously. Astonishing.

The Pelicans are currently eighth in the Western Conference but there's still two-thirds of the NBA season left to go, so things are bound to change. Hopefully, after what was a up-and-down start to the season, we'll be seeing a lot more victories like last night's and playoff basketball will return to New Orleans for the first time since 2011.

So jump on the bandwagon now before it gets too full and tickets are still dirt cheap.

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