Watch: Bare Banded Bear Handlers return with a Christmas rap video


Comedy duo Bare Handed Bear Handlers — the musical brainchildren of Dave Davis and Owen Legendre — is a New Orleans musical comedy outfit in the Ballzack & Odoms tradition, whether celebrating the "Meat Sweats" or singing goofball shanties with a glass of "Whiskey & Milk." The viral hitmakers released their latest music video "Oh B— It's Christmas," a NSFW celebration of the holidays delivered by a rapping Santa, his elf and a deep-rolling rap crew also featuring local comedian Kyle June Williams, vocals from Alexis Marceaux and Morgan Carson, and music from Miles Felix.

The duo currently is working on a webseries, Jingle Boyz, about a jingle-writing company. A self-titled album — featuring several of its viral hits — was released earlier this month.

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