Caddywhompus on the band's gear "shambles" and music and reading on the road


Caddywhompus' album release show is 10 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 6 at One Eyed Jacks. - COURTESY CADDYWHOMPUS
  • Caddywhompus' album release show is 10 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 6 at One Eyed Jacks.

New Orleans guitar-and-drum duo Caddywhompus released Feathering a Nest (Community Records) last month, and the band celebrates its release at a homecoming show following a fall tour this Saturday, Dec. 6 at One Eyed Jacks. The band talked with Gambit in this week's issue as it re-entered the U.S. from a few dates in Canada.

Below, drummer Sean Hart shares current album favorites, reading material, and the band's infamously wieldy gear, from guitarist Chris Rehm's towering speakers and floor-filling effects pedals to Hart's giant-sized drumkit.

What's your setup these days?

SH: Our gear has been in shambles. I forked up a bunch of money and bought a drum set, but I haven’t been able to buy cymbals, hardware or cases for them. I've been borrowing hardware every night on tour. (Generationals and Vox & the Hound drummer) Eric Rogers let me borrow cymbals for recording and road cases for touring.

Chris' amp setup has changed. We've been breaking amps and cords every night. He still plays with five speakers at any time, usually with a bass amp and PA. Whatever we have we're going to use. Last night I used part of a microphone stand. Our setup still looks ridiculous but hopefully it sounds good.

Will that ever change? Have you decided that's your fate?

SH: We hope it does. That’s the dream, to have nice gear that doesn’t break and sounds like how you’d want it to sound and you treat it nice. That stuff costs money, and we break stuff a lot.

Chris forever just used what was nearby to make the most out of it. Always tinkering the setup and experimenting. That's pretty much how Chris has always played guitar. I've always wanted to have a big, loud, boomy, awesome-sounding drum set. It's just stuff you bash every night. I have one now, but keeping it together is always a struggle.

No matter how good it sounds, there’s always a thought that it could sound better, or different. I'll never feel like a drum is perfectly tuned. It may be, "Well, that's where I'll stop for now." And it might sound different tomorrow, or I may change it. Whenever it sounds good, we'll roll with it. Even if we had a billion dollars’ worth of equipment, we’d still be like, "Maybe we could use a shitty guitar in there." It gives it character.

What bands have you been listening to?

SH: This band, I forgot how much I loved them, they're from Kalamazoo — The Reptilian. They put on an awesome basement show for us. We played with Badminton Racquet and Junior Bob. We just got their album while we were there. We just got done playing with them for four days.

SH: Chris has been listening to nonstop Deerhoof. Not the new new Deerhoof, the new record that came out a few weeks ago. We’re still on early 2000s. I’ve been jamming the new Chris Cohen album Overgrown Path. It's super calm, has nice production, Beatles-y songwriting, crooning vocals, really interesting textures.

Do you share car DJ duties or headphones all the way?

SH: We share. It’s actually a lot of dead air sometimes. We don’t fight over songs. Whoever plugs in their phone gets to be DJ for a while. I have a CD player in my car, but I don't have any CDs. I was at my mom’s house before we left in Houston. I picked up a stack of burned albums from 7th grade to early high school and they're all Sharpied on. There's some interesting mixes in there. Some Modest Mouse, Crass and Los Lonely Boys (laughs). It's actually a really embarrassing stack of CDs. Sonic Youth's Dirty is in there. I also found Loomis, which was a side project of Pat Bailey from (New Orleans prig-rock band) Smiley with a Knife.

Are there any books in the car?

SH: We have tons of books in our car. We keep a lot of books on our dash because it looks like, "Oh, there’s just books there. There’s no music equipment in there."

There’s some books in here we’ve been meaning to read but we’ve been driving so much we haven’t got the chance. I’ve been reading a lot of mythology. It’s something I can read for 10 minutes and know what’s going on when I pick it back up, catch a story I forgot about or haven't read in a long time. Chris is reading South of the Border, West of the Sun, by Haruki Murakami. We read a lot of Murakami on the road. (laughs)

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