Watch Mystikal perform on Saturday Night Live



New Orleans rapper Mystikal has been in Cash Money limbo for a few years, as the wild lyricist and unpredictable emcee was preparing his first album in more than a decade on the label. His appearance alongside Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson (previewing Ronson's 2015 retro-funk and soul-influenced Uptown Special) on Saturday Night Live on Nov. 22 showed millions of viewers what the rapper has just been waiting to unleash. Mars stuck to background as Mystikal moved to frontman (with a few choreographed dance moves) to perform the single "Feel Right." (Be sure to also check out Mars perform "Uptown Funk," a Morris Day-esque party funk track.)

Mystikal was a breakout star of the No Limit Records camp with 1997's Unpredictable and 1998's Ghetto Fabulous. His Jive Records release Let's Get Ready featured the megahit Neptunes-produced single "Shake Ya Ass." 

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