This picture of Will Ferrell and Pelicans GM Dell Demps has us asking so many questions



Looks like Dell acquired another great player...gonna need to change that number though. #jackiemoon

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The Pelicans are in the middle of a four-game road trip in which Anthony Davis has been a complete monster. But today the team's social media arm posted this picture of General Manager Dell Demps posing actor/comedian Will Ferrell wearing a full Pelicans' uniform complete with Davis' No. 23. The picture was posted to Instagram with the following caption:

Looks like Dell acquired another great player...gonna need to change that number though #jackiemoon
The #jackiemoon refers to Ferrell's 2008 move Semi-Pro in which he plays a '70s basketball team owner Jackie Moon. Aside from that, we are given very little context as to why Ferrell was in the Blender taking pictures with Demps.

This isn't Ferrell's first time interacting with the Pelicans organization, back in 2012 before the team was sold to Tom Benson and re-branded, Ferrell famously announced the lineups for a February home game against the Chicago Bulls. Ferrell is in town filming a movie with Mark Wahlberg and our best guess is that he's collaborating with the Pelicans on what will hopefully be a sketch involving the team.

Ferrell is no stranger to seemingly bizarre sports collaborations, as he has twice dressed up in ridiculous outfits and done bits with the University of Southern California (his alma mater) football team and also threw one pitch for a minor-league baseball team before being ejected. Ferrell has also made a habit of filming strange Super Bowl commercials that only air in small markets.

Whether this is just a quick photo op to generate some social media buzz or hinting at something else, the Pelicans have not said. We're really hoping for some sort of video, preferably one with Ferrell screaming his head off (link very NSFW).

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