Brewsday Tuesday: Andrew Pollack raises a glass


Andrew Pollack finishes beer bottle glasses in the kiln by smoothing edges with a blowtorch.
  • Andrew Pollack finishes beer bottle glasses in the kiln by smoothing edges with a blowtorch.

Andrew Jackson Pollack
has been a New Orleans home brewer since he was a student at Loyola University. But it wasn't until recently that he applied his skills as a glass artist to his love of beer.

Pollack has sold his work at art markets at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and at the Palmer Park Arts Market. He'll present a special show for beer lovers at The Avenue Pub from 1 p.m.-5 p.m. Dec. 6. Pollack will offer specially crafted beer vessels including tulip glasses, snifters and the new IPA glass style. Whiskey glass maker Ben Dombey also will present his work. 

Pollack also recycles beer bottles that have labels printed directly on the bottle (as opposed to paper labels stuck on the bottle). For example, Abita Brewing Company’s 22-ounce bombers and many of Stone Brewing Company’s bottles are perfect for the conversion from bottle to branded glassware.

“Since we don’t recycle glass in New Orleans, I thought this would be a good way to do that on a smaller scale,” Pollack says. “Plus, these bottles were designed by artists and I want to preserve and honor that work.”

Pollack’s “homebrewed, home blown, homegrown” philosophy applies to his glass studio, his passion for home brewing and his desire to incorporate ingredients grown in his yard in the beers he makes. The past two batches of his Uber IPA (now in its 23rd iteration) have been dry-hopped with hops he’s grown in the past several years. His Thanksgiving witbier was brewed with the juice and peel from satsumas from the tree in his yard.

At The Avenue Pub event, his specialty glasses will start at $40-$50 each, and his converted beer bottle glasses will be priced from $15-$25, depending on the size of the bottle and rarity of the brand. Volume discounts are available.

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