Outstanding in the Field farm-to-table dinner returns on January 8




Outstanding in the Field — the national farm-to-table dinner series featuring outdoor dining and locally sourced ingredients — is headed back to New Orleans January 8 with MoPho chef Michael Gulotta at the helm.

The meal, which takes place at Bartlett Farm in Folsom, will feature ingredients sourced directly from the farm (eggs, vegetables, chickens, etc.) and an Asian-inspired menu. All attendees will take a tour of the farm, then dine at a long, single communal table in the middle of the land.

Outstanding in the Field has hosted 600 table-to-farm events and welcomed more than 80,000 guests since its inception in 1999. The dinner's last visit to the city took place in 2006, when the event was hosted in a greenhouse. For more information or to purchase tickets, click here.

WHAT: Outstanding in the Field: New Orleans (with Chef Michael Gulotta of MoPho)
WHERE: Bartlett Farm, 78050 Highway 25, Folsom, LA
WHEN: January 8, 2015, 3:00 p.m.
COST: $220/person

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