New UNO poll: Landrieu favored in primary; Cassidy favored in potential runoff


Dr. Ed Chernevak, director of the UNO Survey Research Center. - COURTESY UNIVERSITY OF NEW ORLEANS
  • Dr. Ed Chernevak, director of the UNO Survey Research Center.

On the eve of next Tuesday's election, the University of New Orleans (UNO) Survey Research Center (SRC) released a poll surveying Louisiana registered voters on three topics: the state of the state, health care policy and the Senate race. The biggest takeaway: Likely voters prefer Sen. Mary Landrieu in the primary, but if the Senate race should go to a runoff, Rep. Bill Cassidy is favored among those same voters.

The survey, which was conducted by telephone Oct. 11-24, sampled 590 registered voters across the state and has a 4.1 percent margin of error in both directions. Among its findings:

• Voters across the board are unhappy with the direction they perceive Louisiana as taking — particularly black voters, women voters and registered Democrats. 

• Asked what Louisiana's biggest problem is, 19 percent of respondents said education. The number two answer — unemployment — came in at 11 percent.

• President Barack Obama has a 38 percent job approval rating in Louisiana (with strong disapproval not only among Republicans, but also Independents). Gov. Bobby Jindal's approval rating was within the margin of error for Obama's at 40 percent. 

• By a two-to-one margin, voters thought Louisiana should have accepted the federal Medicaid dollars that would have come with expanding the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) in the state.

• While Landrieu topped Cassidy in percentage of primary votes (38 percent to 33 percent), if the race goes to a December runoff between the two, the numbers switch, with Cassidy receiving 51 percent of the vote to Landrieu's 43 percent. Support for the third major candidate, Col. Rob Maness, a Republican, is only 7 percent in the primary.

For more details, download the survey

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