Prospect 3 and Bike Easy offering guided bike tours



Prospect 3 will be all over the city starting this weekend, and to make it easier for patrons to travel from site to site, the annual art collaborative is partnering with Bike Easy to make installations accessible to all. Bike Easy will offer guided bicycle tours to exhibits and installations beginning October 25. The tours, aptly titled "P. 3 Rides," will be held every weekend until P3 closes January 25. 

The "Searching in the Center" tour will bring people to hubs like the Ogden Museum of Southern Art and the Contemporary Arts Center, while "Seeking in the Faubourgs" winds through various neighborhoods and visits sites in City Park and Dillard University. The tours last four to five hours and include a lunch break at a local restaurant.

All of the revenue from the tours goes right back to P. 3 and Bike Easy. The tours are $80 per person if you don't have a bike and include museum admission. If you bring your own bike, the tour is $55 a person. 

All of the tours leave from Confederacy of Cruisers (634 Elysian Fields Ave.). 

“We are thrilled to be able to offer P.3 visitors the opportunity to visit the biennial on bike via P.3 Rides–our partnership with Bike Easy," P. 3's executive director Brooke Davis Anderson said in a statement. "Cycling is the ideal way to navigate through the city in order to reach each site, and revenue from the tours supports both Prospect New Orleans and Bike Easy."

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