Watch the first episode of Phil Anselmo's comedy webseries Metal Grasshopper


Phil Anselmo. - ESTEVAN ROMERA
  • Phil Anselmo.

"Why I'm doing this, I will never, ever know."

There ends the first episode of Metal Grasshopper, as metal sensei Phil Anselmo begrudgingly drives a pickup truck with shirtless, pale comedian Dave Hill riding in the back, throwing his fists in the air in triumph.

"Mr. Miyagi is Phil Anselmo, and the Karate Kid is Dave Hill, and it's not karate it's heavy metal," explained Chris Lee, who co-created the comedy webseries with Hill. "You got a comedian and heavy metal rockstar: who's going to be the funny guy? ... Through Phil's force of personality, and he's just insanely funny, he's like, 'I'm going to do whatever I want.' We're like, 'Well, f—k it. We're not going to fight funny. He's great.'"

Lee (of the band Supagroup) and guitar-wielding, metal nerd comedian Hill — both friends with Anselmo — imagined the series as Hill being the annoying foil to the straight-faced metal giant. "It ended up being the other way around," Hill said. "He was such an over-the-top goofball, I pretty much come off as the straight man."

The series initially was pitched to Adult Swim, which Lee said "bought it in the room" and shooting began just a few weeks later. When Adult Swim fell through, the creators managed to get back the footage and self-produce it.

The first episode, "Origins," premiered on the website Metal Injection. Watch it below — NSFW, obviously:

Episode two premieres on Oct. 21.

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