Here's a story about Sean Payton pranking Jimmy Graham


OK, forget about the New Orleans Saints' record (and last night's game) for right now, because this story is incredible. Courtesy of the excellent comes this story about how Sean Payton pranks his rookies when they enter the league:

Drew Brees knows who I am. For three years I pranked the Saints rookies. Coach Payton would give all the Saints players a ticket to go get a turkey at Rouses. And I would play the store manager and act like I didn’t believe that the rookies were really Saints players...
First things first: If you can start a story with "Drew Brees knows who I am," you do it every time you start a story.

Secondly: Jimmy Graham's reaction is amazing. Click through and read it.  

Thirdly: Payton sent his rookies on a honest-to-God wild goose chase. That needs to go on his Hall of Fame plaque right after "Super Bowl Champion."

Just a reminder that even when the Saints lose on the football field, they're still winning at life.

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