Detroit-based Nigerian pop-up Lagos headed to New Orleans




Tunde Wey, a Detroit-based chef and mastermind behind the highly successful concept restaurant Revolver and the controversial Goldfinch American, is bringing a taste of his native Nigeria to New Orleans next month.

Lagos, Wey's latest Nigerian barbecue pop-up project, is hitting the road for one night only, promising to bring "spicy food and raunchy music" to town October 17.

"I've loved the idea of New Orleans for forever, because it seems a place unlike any other place in America, a place that welcomes difference. It celebrates and institutionalizes it. As an immigrant, who is sometimes looked at as different, this personal idea of New Orleans makes me feel very comfortable," said Wey. "Being comfortable is one of the reasons I began cooking Nigerian food for people, it gave me the opportunity to share my immigrant experience [and] bring folks closer to my perspective."

The menu features Nigerian favorites including egusi (melon seed stew), asun (peppered goat meat), goat pepper soup and fufu.

"I'm visiting New Orleans for the first time to disabuse myself of all my romantic notions of this beautiful city, as well as share some good-ass, take-you-back-to-the-motherland, cooking with my NOLA peoples."

What: LAGOSxNOLA, Nigerian barbecue and street food dinner
Where: Faubourg Marigny, location to be revealed to diners only
When: Oct. 17, 6:00 p.m. (one seating only, 20 reservations available)

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