Show your school spirit in Sucre's Cupcake Challenge




While it doesn't quite feel like fall, the school year is in full swing and homecoming celebrations are approaching. What better way to show loyalty to your alma mater than by eating a cupcake made in its honor?

Since late August, Sucre has been hosting a Cupcake Challenge at both store locations featuring cupcakes representing area schools. For four weeks, school supporters can vote online and select which four schools will have a cupcake made in their honor the following week. These limited edition cupcakes are then set out on display, and the cupcake that sells the most during the week wins the round.

Online voting for the initial stage of the final round began yesterday, and school cupcakes for Lusher, Sacred Heart, Knoff Elementary School and Visitation of Our Lady are in stores this upcoming week (Sept. 22-29).

The final challenge will pit the weekly winners against one another in a final showdown of sugary school loyalty. The winning school's cupcake will be served at Sucre for the entire 2014-2015 school year, and the school will receive $1,000.

For more information or to vote for your favorite school, visit the competition website.

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