#FalconsHateWeek, Part 4: Fear the Beard edition



This week, Junior Galette signed a new contract that will keep him in New Orleans through the prime of his career. That makes this, sort of, the week of the Beard — and that isn't something the Falcons should be happy about.

Here's the sort of thing that should make the Atlanta Falcons not happy about Junior Galette's week being off to such a great start:

First of all, in this play from last year, Atlanta was trying to block Junior with Tony Gonzalez, who was unable to block even before he turned 95 in football years.

The Falcons, by all rights, should have been more prepared for Junior Galette this year, but they lost left tackle Sam Baker to injury this preseason. That means, more often than not, Junior will face off against Atlanta's rookie offensive tackle Jake Matthews, who might be the second coming of Willie Roaf, for all I know, but even Willie Roaf once gave up five sacks in a single game. (To the Falcons. Ugh.) 

When Junior isn't going through Matthews, he'll be up against right tackle Lamar Holmes, who was, it does my Southern Miss alumni heart pain to say, not good himself as a rookie in 2013.

The point is, Junior Galette's table is set. His big week began with a life-changing, career-defining new deal with the only NFL team he's been a part of, and it should end with him earning his first sacks of 2014. 

We've talked about why the Falcons should be scared of Jimmy Graham, why Kenny Vaccaro is going to be a horror for them, and why Sean Payton simply owns their souls. Now? Fear the Beard? The Falcons better. That thing isn't coming off until Junior Galette wins the Super Bowl.

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