Peyton and Eli Manning's latest "rap" video



It's almost real football season, and you know what that means: new Ronnie Lamarque dances and Ronnielogues, the "Slap Ya Mama Cajun Seasoning Red Zone" and the Manning brothers making another "rap" video for DirecTV. This time, though, dad Archie gets into the act, and if you liked "Football Cops," there's a lot here to parse.

Highlights: Eli's two popped collars, pretty girls, Chris Johnson giving a white guy dreadlocks, Joe Namath getting a little sumthin-sumthin in a McMansion kitchen, a smoke machine, The Beverly Hillbillies house (or maybe it's the Playboy mansion), Pegasus, Eli eating a foot-long po-boy and nachos being served in a swimming pool. Enjoy.


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