Lucky Dog to launch first-ever line of retail hot dogs




Diners with a craving for a legendary Lucky Dog will no longer have to visit the French Quarter to get their fix.

Beginning next Friday, August 8, Lucky Dogs will be available in all Rouses across the city, marking the first time the hot dogs have been sold as a retail product.

The Lucky Dogs will come in a five-pack, and be the same version served from the iconic, hot dog-shaped cart.

"We are very excited about the launch of Lucky Dogs into Rouses Supermarkets," said Lucky Dog co-owner Mark Talbot in a statement. "Rouses has been very helpful in this endeavor, one local family business helping another local family business. When my brother and I approached our dad about going retail with Lucky Dogs, we all agreed that Rouses was where we wanted to be. They are local, like us. Now you don't have to go to the Quarter to enjoy Lucky Dogs."

While we anxiously wait for Lucky Dogs to hit grocery store shelves, share with us your favorite memory of eating a Lucky Dog in the comments below.

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