Acro-Cats coming to New Orleans in December



If you're not already a fan of the Acro-Cats  or the Rock Cats, check out the video above. (Or read reviews of past shows in Gambit herehere (with dog in tutu and groundhog Santa Claus) or here  Trainer/ringmaster Samantha Martin has built up quite a local following for the performing cats, who ride skateboards, balance on rolling barrels, play musical instruments and more. She brings the feline frenzy back to the AllWays Lounge & Theatre Dec. 4-21.

Fame has not been easy for the Acro-Cats. The group had its tour vehicle vandalized in Los Angeles in February. No-one was apprehended in the case, and Gambit can't offer any solid leads in the case. But we can offer a photo of a suspicious-looking character known to hang around Acro-Cats vehicles:
Local dog known to hang around Acro-Cats vehicles.
  • Local dog known to hang around Acro-Cats vehicles.

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