Prytania Theatre presents Billy Wilder classic film series



There's no shortage of film fans or scholars who will look you in the eye and tell you Billy Wilder was the greatest filmmaker of all time. Wilder made a classic in just about every genre, from film noir (Double Indemnity) to courtroom dramas (Witness for the Prosecution) to "social issue" films (The Lost Weekend) — along with movies too original to classify (Some LIke it Hot). But with their light touch, and emphasis on story and character over flashy visuals, all are unmistakably his.

The Prytania Theatre has announced a twice-weekly summer series of Billy Wilder classics. Next week's entry is The Apartment, one of the first Hollywood films to portray the alcohol-and-sex-fueled freedom of early-1960s New York, territory which has been mined to great effect in recent years by TV's Mad Men. But The Apartment is an actual product of that era, not a re-creation of a distant time. And it made Wilder the first person ever to win three Oscars as director, screenwriter and producer (the Best Picture award) for a single film.

All screenings are scheduled for Sunday and Wednesday mornings at 10 a.m. Tickets are $5.75. Here's the schedule:

The Apartment — July 20 & 23

Double Indemnity — July 27 & 30

Sabrina — August 3 & 6

The Lost Weekend — August 10 & 13

Some Like It Hot — August 17 & 20

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