Eating your way through Bastille Day




Monday, July 14 is Bastille Day — a French national holiday that commemorates the beginning of the French Revolution and France's march towards becoming a nation-state. If you've been itching for a reason to try some of New Orleans' Francophile foods, pull your red, white and blue out of the closet and visit these restaurants for an all-day fete.

Breakfast: Look no further than French Quarter stalwart Croissant D'Or for Parisian-style sweet treats to start your Bastille Day celebration. A dense, fluffy chocolate croissant or thin slice of frangipane — a traditional tart filled with almond-flavored custard — will serve as the perfect accompaniment to a cup of hazelnut cappuccino.

Lunch: The hidden gem of the Riverbend, Tartine, is a good spot for a decadent French sandwich featuring house made pate, onion marmalade, dijon and cornichons on a toasted, crusty baguette.

Snack: No Bastille Day would be complete without a visit to the leafy, whimsical cottage of Cafe Degas. Stop by in the late afternoon for a snack on the shaded outdoor patio and choose from a number of French classics including boudin noir (blood sausage) served with a traditional apple choucroute (a savory slaw similar to sauerkraut) or broiled escargot sauteed in herb-dappled garlic butter.

Dinner: Head to Old Metairie for a taste of classic French bistro fare at Chateau du Lac. The filet d’agneau, a pan-seared lamb loin with choron sauce (a take on bearnaise sauce with tomato puree) is earthy, rich, and pairs nicely with one of the restaurant's Bordeaux options.

After Dinner: The elegant, romantic atmosphere at La Crepe Nanou makes it a transcendent spot after dark. Crepe marrons, two sweet crepes filled with chestnut cream, paired with coffee ice cream and rum flambé, will round out a day of magical eating.

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