Everything you need to know about USA vs Belgium



Look, if you're not emotionally invested in the United States Men's National Team and their World Cup campaign by now, I'm really not sure what I could possibly say to convince you otherwise. All I know for sure is that you've missed out on some great opportunities to leave work early, drink during the day and wear your patriotism on your sleeve. Honestly, it's been a blast. You should try it some time.

If you are behind this team, then no amount of analysis will get you more pumped up for today's game. It's do or die for the U.S. If they beat Belgium, they advance to the tournament quarterfinals. If they lose, they come home. It could not be any simpler.

The game starts at 3 p.m. As always, New Orleans Chapter of the American Outlaws will be hosting a viewing part at Rendezvous with beer specials and La Cocinita outside. Finn McCool's continues to be New Orleans' soccer headquarters and here is WWNO's and Eater NOLA's lists of where else to go.

Now everyone say it with me: I believe that we will win!

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