2014 Daiquiri Festival to be held July 26-27




Get your go-cups ready: Daiquiri Festival is back and bigger than ever this July 26 and 27.

The 2014 event will be a weekend-long, two day affair, and for the first time the celebration will include an option for those not quite old enough to indulge in boozy libations. "Snowball Sunday" will kick-off the festival's second afternoon and bring snowball vendors from across the city together to serve their frozen treats to an all-ages crowd. The afternoon will also feature activities for children and live, family-friendly entertainment.

This year's event also promises to feature twice as many daiquiri flavors and food vendors from across the city. It is situated directly in the middle a sweltering time period organizers call "Daiquiri Season" which runs between July 19 (National Daiquiri Day) and the end of September.

For more information about the celebration of New Orleans' most legendary frozen beverage, visit the event's website.

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