A brilliant True Detective bootleg DVD cover


If you've ever been to some of the sketchy video stores in New Orleans East (or — um — investigated the contents of open car trunks in their parking lots), you've probably run across a few DVD titles priced too good to be true. Such as this particularly remarkable one of a certain critically acclaimed miniseries shot in Louisiana, recently posted to Reddit:


What's not to like? It got rid of the dreamy, dangerous southwest Louisiana oil country setting and replaced it with a world where most of the Las Vegas Strip seems to be exploding while a cartoon bird flaps around in the sky, fending off pieces of paper.

Woody Harrelson gained a giant hand the size of his head, while Matthew McConaughey lost about 10 years and gained both a substantial amount of weight and a V-neck. Then there's the rave review from the "chicago sun times" (or "chicago sun tomato"): AMAZING PERFORM, FULL FRONTAL ACTION.

Compare it to the boring official 3-DVD set, which was released earlier this month — which would you rather watch?


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