A "certified coffee instructor" samples supermarket coffee ...


Community Coffee takes the gold. Uh — yay?
  • Community Coffee takes the gold. Uh — yay?

So the website Thrillist had Lorenzo Perkins — "certified coffee instructor at Cuvée and executive council member of the Barista Guild of America" — blind-test five different brands of coffee from the supermarket coffee aisle so he could make snarky comments   evaluate them with the "same rigorous blind-tasting process that his roasting company applies to their own beans."

And one of those coffees was New Orleans' own Community Coffee (which is also what we drink all day at Gambit — three different blends!). The other contenders were Folgers, Yuban, Maxwell House and Chock Full o'Nuts. (The article was titled "We Got a Champion Barista to Rank the Sub-Par Coffee Your Parents Drink," which is insufferable, but, yeah, my parents love them some Folgers.)

The results? While Folgers had the aroma of "unhappy children" and "wet wool" and Maxwell House tasted of "fish oil" and "despair," Community Coffee came in first place with Perkins' faint, grudging praise: "That's coffee! This could pass for a low-grade specialty coffee."

No word on Eight O'Clock or Mello Joy

h/t The Ind, which called Perkins a "fancy java jerk"

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