Three unique whiskies worth sampling at Barrel Proof



Barrel Proof, the latest bar venture in the ever-growing Sylvain empire, opened last Thursday in the former Bridge Lounge location and offers a mindboggling array of whiskies and beers from across the globe. The menu is expansive — with more than 150 whiskey options organized by country — but deceptively simple: if you want whiskey or beer, this is your spot. If you want a different kind of drink, look elsewhere.

While the paint is still drying on the walls, the dimly-lit space is energetic and welcoming, complete with taxidermy bobcat and oxen providing a watchful eye over brown liquor-sipping patrons. Not sure where to start with the menu? Here are three unique offerings that will charm even the most seasoned whiskey drinker:

1. Brenne: Packaged in a springtime-appropriate robin’s egg blue bottle, Brenne is the world’s first organic French single malt whiskey. The drink’s curiously sweet taste (somewhere between caramel flan and creme brulee) and treacly scent comes from its unusual aging process in used Cognac barrels after being twice distilled.

2. Balacones Brimstone: Not a whiskey for the faint of heart, Bimstone’s high alcohol content and Texas scrub oak-smoked taste (yes, they actually smoke the liquid) is roughly akin to downing a campfire at first. After a few sips, though, cinnamon and fruity notes emerge and imbibers are amply rewarded for their patience.

3. The Belgian Owl: The first whiskey created in Belgium with homegrown barley, Belgian Owl is a single malt with an arresting light hue — think pale honey, not toffee colored. Equal parts grassy and floral, Belgian Owl has a refreshing, dry aftertaste that makes it a great sipper for hot days.

Follow all Barrel Proof news and updates here, or give them a visit at 1201 Magazine St.

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